The agreed purchase price includes all taxes and duties and is expressed in Croatian kuna.

The buyer undertakes to pay for the ordered products by one of the following payment methods:

  1. Card payment

Payment directly via the Internet, using the card payment service: Maestro, Visa and Mastercard.

  1. Cash on delivery (upon receipt of shipment)

It allows the customer to pay the amount of the order to the courier upon delivery to the address. When picking up a shipment, a fee is paid for the payment service to the Croatian Post. Cash on delivery is made exclusively in cash, ie the amount cannot be paid by credit or debit card.

  1. By payment on account

The information required for payment is sent to the e-mail address specified in the order code, including the account number to which the customer should pay the amount of the order. The buyer can make a payment using internet banking or payment at a bank branch, post office, FINA, etc. After receiving the customer’s payment, the ordered products are sent to the address specified in the order. In the case of payment by general payment and e-banking, the payment must be made no later than the deadline specified in the e-mail confirming that the contract has been concluded.

The contract of sale is concluded at the time of acceptance of the buyer’s offer, and the product will be shipped to the delivery service for delivery the same or next business day (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days excluded) for payment by cash on delivery or upon receipt of payment.

You will receive the invoice in the package together with the ordered products. R1 invoice, the customer is obliged to request when fulfilling the order, subsequent requests for R1 invoice will not be accepted.


Nicole Marie doo delivers within the Republic of Croatia.

For customers from all over Croatia, delivery on all orders above 250,00 HRK is free.

Delivery of products is done through Hrvatska Pošta dd and is performed exclusively on working days during the working hours of the delivery service according to the conditions of its operation.

The product will be delivered to the customer in the territory of the Republic of Croatia within 3-5 working days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days excluded) from the delivery of the product to the delivery service.

Nicole Marie doo checks the correctness of the ordered product before each delivery or delivery of the product.

Buyers are obliged to pick up and inspect the shipment in front of the courier, all in order to avoid subsequent complaints due to the possibility of damage to the shipment during delivery.

If Nicole Marie doo is unable to deliver the ordered product, it will notify the customer. The customer can cancel the order or wait until the product is available again. If Nicole Marie doo is not able to deliver the product within the agreed time, it informs the buyer, who is obliged to leave him a subsequent reasonable time to fulfill the contract of sale.

If the customer does not take over the product or refuses to take over the product without a valid reason, Nicole Marie doo reserves the right to demand reimbursement of handling, transport and other possible costs.